Tuition and Fees

Our prices will be increasing soon. Once we have the new prices they will be made available on the website.

Payment: Lesson prices are based on a yearly amount divided into 10 equal payments.  A snow day, and major holidays are figured into the amount. The monthly rate is not dependent upon the number of weeks in each month. You pay a flat rate per month, regardless of the number of weeks in the month.

Due Dates: Payments are due no later than the 10th of each month.

Discounts: The more subjects you take, the less you pay per subject. You are permitted to add all the classes taken by members of the immediate family (parents, brothers & sisters, who are living in the same house).

Registration Fee: ALL NEW STUDENTS, $25.00. Current students who did NOT register in June, must also pay a non-refundable registration fee of $25.00. To be considered a current student, you must have completed the dance year up to the show. If you could not participate in the show, but you attended class through May, you will still be considered a current student. Current (established) students, who pre-register in June, or by the first picture showing, pay a discounted registration fee of $20.00.

NOTE: The more you take, the less you pay per subject!

Prices: MONTHLY Installment Payments (10)
1 Class per week $ 44.00/mo
2 Classes per wk $ 68.00/mo
3 Classes per wk $ 79.00/mo
4 Classes per wk $ 89.00/mo
5 Classes per wk $ 99.00/mo
6 Classes per wk $ 110.00/mo
7 Classes per wk $ 120.00/mo
8 Classes per wk $ 130.00/mo
9 Classes per wk $ 140.00/mo
10 Classes per wk $ 149.00/mo

*For 45 minute classes, add $5.00/$6.00 per month, depending on number of classes you are taking. Ask us.

Tahitian/Hawaiian. Not available at this time.

All new students pay a $25.00 Registration Fee.
Current students who register late, pay a non refundable Registration Fee of $25.00.
Lesson prices are based on the yearly amount divided into 10 equal payments. This includes a snow day. We DO prorate any lessons which occur in August.
Viki Lynn’s School of Dance reserves the right to modify, change, or combine classes when necessary.
Viki Lynn’s School of Dance is not liable for personal injury, or for theft of or damage to personal property.
Refunds are only permitted in the case of a sickness or disability, which is verified by a doctor’s statement.

Late Fee: There is a $10.00 late fee for those paying after the 10th of the month.
Checks returned due to insufficient funds will be charged a Returned Check Fee of $25.00.
After receiving 2 returned checks from the same person, that person will be required to pay in cash only.

We regret that we cannot permit anyone to get behind more than one month in lesson payment. If you are having financial difficulty, let us know.

Current students only, who register by the end of June pay a discounted registration fee of $20.00.

SPORTS: Some students have missed a month or more because of cheerleading, or sport team activities. You may be permitted to miss up to 2 weeks in the beginning of the dance session, if you inform us ahead of time. Missing more than 2 weeks is not fair to the rest of the class. To hold your spot in your class, remain in your class level, you must pay for any classes missed. Missing too much could result in the student being moved back one level!

Fill out and print the registration form.

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