Dance Wear Requirements

Students must dress properly! NO jeans, -  NO pajama bottoms!

ALL STUDENTS - (Please refer to specific subject below for more details)
Students must be dressed properly for class! You may NOT wear street clothes in class.
The dance wear listed below is required for class.
If your dance wear is on order, please let us know.  You will still be permitted to take class.
Medium and long hair, must be pulled back.

Leotards & tights. You may wear any color you wish. In some classes, leotard and jazz pants are acceptable. Read below.

Leotard (any color) and tights.
Pink ballet shoes (Get a snug fit!) *WE REQUIRE REAL BALLET SHOES, NOT SLIPPERS!
 hair pulled back.

Leotard and tights, older students may wear leotard and jazz pants.
TAN tap shoes with straps.
Intermediate level and up, check with Miss Viki or secretaries!
Hair pulled back.

Leotard & tights, or older students jazz pants and leotard.
Younger students white acrobat shoe, intermediate and up, check at the desk before purchasing shoes.
Hair must be pulled back!

Leotard and jazz pants, or leotard and tights.  (Real jazz pants, not street pants!), You may wear a tight fitting top instead of a leotard for jazz if you wish 
Jazz Shoes - NOTE:  This year we are switching to the tan SLIP ON jazz shoes!
Hair pulled back.

Leotard and jazz pants, or tight fitting top and jazz pants (You may also wear a leotard and tights).
Hip Hop Shoes. If you are not sure about these ask at the desk.
Pull hair back.

Leotard and tights (any style any color). 
WHITE ballet shoes.
Hair back 
SPECIAL NOTE: Parents, please make sure students use restroom BEFORE class.

Leotard and tights, or jazz pants with tight shirt or leotard. For class, wear either ballet, or jazz shoes.

BOY STUDENTS:    Knit warm up suits, pants that come with jogging type outfit. Correct shoe.

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