Reviews and Testimonials

Parent Comments
We came to Vicki Lynn's from another dance studio in Beavercreek and I could not be happier! Miss Vicki is everything I was looking for in a dance teacher for my daughter. My daughter learned and improved more in one year with Miss Vicki than she did during the two years we spent at our previous studio and most importantly, she had fun and really developed a love of dance. Miss Vicki holds her students to a high standard and I really appreciate that quality and love how her studio is ran. They have great communication. She teaches technique and discipline. The class rates are great too. My daughter grew with each class and will be a beautiful dancer one day thanks to Miss Vicki and her assistant instructors. I HIGHLY recommend this studio.
- Lacie W.
My daughter has danced with Viki for 6 years now and loves it. She offers a variety of classes including jazz, hip hop, ballet, tap, acro, tahitian and kinderdance. She also has an end of year recital at the victoria theatre which is awesome with beautiful costumes and props. I highly recommend Viki Lynn's dance school.
- Cheryl C.
If you are looking for a dance studio in the Dayton area do not pass up Viki Lynn's School of Dance. My daughter has been taking lessons there for 6 plus years. She has progressed so much and her teachers are some of the best in the area. Miss Viki has been involved with dancing for most of her life and is extremely knowledgeable about dancing and techniques. Her prices are the best around and her shows at the end of the year put others to shame. All the kids taking lesson from Miss Viki and her teachers love coming there and you never hear the kids complain about their classes. My daughter takes Tap, Ballet, Jazz and Hip Hop and loves every minute she is there. She offers kinderdance, acrobat and tahitian and there are viewing windows so you can watch. Standing ovations at her recitals are common because she puts her heart into making the recital worthy of applause and a standing ovation. You will not be disappointed if looking for a studio who cares about the kids and is informative about dancing.
- Ken T.
I have a 11 year old daugher who has taken from Miss Viki for 8 years now. She has taken all of the dance classes, and she enjoys dancing. Her favorite classes are tap, jazz, and hip hop. She has learned a whole lot from dancing over the years that has now helped her in school with talent shows she has been in, and in choir at school. It has given her confidence in herself and to try as hard as she can and do the best she can do. Now, I have a 3 year old taking Kinderdance from Miss Viki, and she loves it! She can't wait until the next week for her dance class. Besides dance she is learning songs she sings at home with the moves to go with it, and following directions/listening. This has been great for her too. Next year she plans on taking ballet, tap, and acro-bat. She can't wait for that. The dance program at Viki Lynn's is great for all ages and the kids are given praise, and encouragement to try their best, and give 100% while they are in class. They are also learning a lot of technique along with dancing. The dance recitals are great too!! It is a very professional run show along with great routines and costumes. Thank you Miss Viki for being such a great dance instuctor!! I would not take my girls anywhere else!!
- The Eagle Family
My daughters have taken dance lessons from other dance studios and have found Viki Lynns is the best for us. The instructors are great. They are very loving and patient with all the students. There are even viewing windows where you can watch your child. Location is very easy to find and plenty of parking also. My girls always look forward to the year end recital which is held at the Victoria Theatre. We are so so glad we found Viki Lynns School of Dance.
- D. Schafer
Former Student Comments
I have been going to Viki Lynn's since I was two years old. I am now almost 20 and I have to say that this dance studio has impacted my life in such a great way. Dance is a part of me. I have taken lessons from her in every area of dance. Kinderdance, tap, ballet, jazz. I would recommend her to anyone. I'm so thankful for my parents for sending me there. Her teaching methods really work. I still remember everything I've learned and the shows are phenomenal! :)
- Heather
My daughter danced with Viki Lynn for many years. I also danced with Viki Lynn when she first started out. She has always been professional & it shows in her students. My daughter is now grown with a child of her own & someday I hope we will have a 3rd generation dancing with Viki Lynn.
- Sandy S.
I began taking classes in 1972 and am still dancing here with my daughters. No other dance school in the area combines education of proper technique and a serious professional recital the way Miss Viki Lynn Kushner does. I know my childhood training helped my self esteem and confidence as well as keep me trim and healthy for life. We drive an hour round trip to her studio and will continue to do so as long as she's still teaching.
- Jenny M., Miamisburg, OH